About us

Albero Kitchens is the quintessence of high quality and contemporary modular kitchens. Each of Albero Kitchen’s product is transcendent with world-class products brought in from Germany, creating a benchmark for elegant modular kitchens. Products from reputed companies ensures the sterling products are delivered. Right from understanding your requirements and providing aesthetic designs to creating stunning and efficacious kitchens, the process is seamless. Albero Kitchens specialises high-end plywood kitchens.

Adding Albero’s creations to your home is making a statement in itself. The designs are unparalleled, not for just the artful taste but for its durability and high functionality. Each element in your kitchen is meticulously customized to your taste and requirements. Our designers ensure that each kitchen is unique and built after understanding and analyzing your needs.

Mr. Bhavaniprasad Hegde has played a crucial part in establishing Albero Kitchens. He has completed his Masters from North Carolina State University and gained substantial experience and exposure about kitchens and home appliances by working with BSH Home Appliances and NK Precision Components in India. Currently, he is also the partner of Bhavani Automats, a sister firm of NK Precision Components, thus working to revolutionise the world of modular kitchens in India. His work involves implementing the technology and quality of world-class standards while understanding the Indian Customers to suit their needs.